How to Hard Reset on Huawei Ascend P1 U9200 phones


Today I will teach you how to reset your Huawei Ascend P1 U9200 cell phone. I am going to use two reset methods, and then I will explain what they are.

First method: This reset method is commonly known as the cell phone reset method. When we have access to the phone’s interface, it is applied, entering the application menu and then following some procedures in the Settings section until the hard reset process is finished. If your mobile device starts to run a little slow, this method could save the day.

Second method: This method is applied in extreme cases when we see that we do not have many options to enter the device interface. Many people are unlucky enough to enter the security pattern many times and end up locking the device. When this happens, we lose access to the device, and the only thing left is to reset the phone by following a small combination of buttons since we cannot do it from the applications menu. If your mobile device is locked and asks for the security pattern, this second method will save the day.

ATTENTION: Either of the two methods that we apply will erase the content of the device. Therefore, it is recommended to complete the internal memory backup and remove the external memory if we have one integrated.

With that said, let’s go with the tutorial.

Hard Reset for Huawei Ascend P1 U9200


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First method

  • First, we click on the Menu button and enter System Settings
image 1
  • Now we go to the Reset section and click on the
  • We locate the Personal Data section and click on Factory data reset. Then we click on Restart phone, and finally, we select Delete all.

Our phone will restart, and we would already have the factory settings restored. That easy.

Second method

  • We turn off the device.
  • With the phone, off, press the volume up and Power keys at the same time. As soon as it vibrates, we release the Power key and hold the volume up key until the reset menu appears.
  • In the reset menu, we go down with the volume down key to the Wipe data / Factory reset option and press the Power button to confirm
  • In the next screen, we go to the option Yes – Delete the user data and press Power to confirm
  • The arduous reset process will begin, and once it is finished, we will have the last screen where we will have to select the first option that says Reboot System Now.

Now we wait for the device to reboot, and that would be it.

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